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In managing autoimmune arthritis conditions, Dr. Gupta's immediate goal is to gain control of inflammation as quickly as possible. As such, conventional immunomodulating or immunosuppressive medications may be recommended depending on the severity of symptoms and the risk for developing irreversible joint damage. The patient's symptoms, physical examination, laboratory tests and radiologic studies are all used to determine the best management plan.

Dr. Gupta's long-term goal is always to minimize the duration and dosing of conventional medications as much as possible. To that end, the body is given tools to keep inflammation in check through complementary therapies that include acupuncture, homeopathics, IV therapies, over-the-counter supplements and dietary recommendations. Therapies may also include fire-cupping, mesotherapy, biopuncture, and cortisone injections when indicated.

In managing general pain conditions, Dr. Gupta offers non-narcotic treatments that include acupuncture, fire-cupping, homeopathics, platelet-rich plasma injections, mesotherapy, biopuncture, neural therapy, trigger point injections, and cortisone injections.

In supporting general wellness and aging, Dr. Gupta offers platelet-rich plasma treatments for hair and face rejuvenation, acupuncture, fire-cupping, homeopathics, and IV therapies.

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