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Based in Santa Monica, integrative rheumatologist Dr. Gupta offers virtual second opinion consultations to residents throughout the state of California.


Autoimmune arthritis is a complex condition. Examples include rheumatoid arthritis, lupus arthritis, Crohn's arthritis, ulcerative colitis arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis among others. Due to its complex nature, patients may find they do not have a clear understanding of their condition or know that there are a variety of treatment options, both conventional and integrative. For these reasons, Dr. Gupta offers second opinion evaluations, setting aside the time that is necessary to fully explain the condition, discuss comprehensive management options and answer your questions.

Seeking the expertise of a board-certified rheumatologist with extensive training in both conventional and integrative treatments can be a vital part of making the best-informed decision about your medical care or that of a loved one. The remote second opinion service can be helpful if:

  • You have not been given a diagnosis for your symptoms or would like a second opinion on your diagnosis

  • Your physician is limited in time to thoroughly discuss your diagnosis and answer complex questions regarding your management options and prognosis

  • You are interested in learning about comprehensive management options, including both conventional immunosuppressive treatments and integrative therapies

  • You live in an area where access to a board-certified rheumatologist trained in both conventional and integrative therapies is not available


Dr. Gupta is an in-network physician for Federal/ Original Medicare.

Out-of-network patients are issued a superbill to submit to their insurance, HSA or FSA for reimbursement of applicable benefits.

Initial consultation: 90 minutes/ $575

  • Review of past medical records

  • Interview of past and present medical history

  • Virtual physical examination 

  • Ordering of any additonal diagnostic tests

  • Integrative management recommendations/ Preliminary integrative recommendations are offered and finalized in a follow-up consultation when diagnostic tests are ordered

Follow-up consultation: 60 minutes/ $295

  • Review of test results since the last visit

  • Review of progress

  • Virtual physical examination

  • Ordering of any additional diagnostic tests

  • Any modification of management recommendations


  1. Fill out the Request a Consultation form to request an appointment

  2. Complete and return registration forms

  3. Forward any relevant medical records

  4. The appointment is scheduled within 2 weeks of receiving records 

  5. Confirm the appointment by pre-paying for the visit online if your primary insurance is something other than Original/ Federal Medicare

*Please note that in this capacity, Dr. Gupta functions as a consultant to your care rather than your primary specialist and cannot prescribe conventional medications or coordinate care. Dr. Gupta remains available for ongoing follow-up consultations as you need.

Due to healthcare regulations pertaining to virtual visits, this service is only available to California residents at this time.

This service is not intended for medical emergencies. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911. 

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